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Puppy Purchase Information

Congratulations on your decision to add a puppy to your family!!! We will do everything we can to make sure this is a good experience for you.

One of our main objectives is to raise healthy, happy puppies. One way we accomplish this is to have healthy, happy dogs. We follow a very strict and effective health schedule for all our dogs and puppies.

We will have our veterinarian check your puppy at least once and usually twice, before you receive him/her. We guarantee your puppy to be free of serious, life-threatening, genetic abnormalities. If there are any minor, breed related, treatable, or correctable conditions, we will do our best to inform you before you receive your puppy. These are not covered by the guarantee. Also, environmental conditions are not covered.

We request that you see your veterinarian within 5 days to confirm that your puppy is healthy. This health check is for your benefit and it is your choice to do so or not. If your veterinarian finds a problem that is life-threatening, you must contact us immediately. If you wish, at this time, to receive a replacement puppy, we require that you obtain statements from two unrelated veterinarians. You must return the affected puppy to us and when a puppy is available, you will receive a replacement puppy. There are no refunds.

After your vet has determined that you have received a healthy puppy, we will send your registration papers and the sale is considered final. We have no way to guarantee a puppy beyond this time. There are too many factors that we have no control over when the puppy leaves our home. If there are any life-threatening, non-treatable genetic abnormalities that your puppy was born with, they will be evident by this time.

We hope you have thought about the responsibility you are taking on with the addition of a puppy to your home. This puppy will be dependent on you for all his/her food, care, love and shelter.

This responsibility will also include medical costs. We will send you information about pet healthcare insurance. If you live in an area where pet medical care is costly, you may want to consider this insurance. Please be aware that all veterinarian/medical charges that are incurred are your responsibility. We do not cover vet bills. There are no exceptions.

We recommend that you do not take your puppy to public places, unless it is absolutely necessary, until your puppy has had all his/her vaccinations. Because parvo is highly contagious, your puppy will not be fully immune until he/she has had all his/her puppy shots.

Also, do not ever try to force feed food or water. Take great care to protect your puppy from getting lost or stolen. Look around your home for any areas that may cause an accident that would harm your puppy. Use a crate or a partitioned area of a room for puppy to stay, when you are away from home.

We strongly recommend that you neuter/spay your puppy. We believe you will be happier with a dog that has been neutered/spayed. A neutered/spayed pet will make a healthier pet that is easier to care for.

Finally, we must have final payment before we will set up your puppy's flight/delivery schedule. The exception is if you are picking up your puppy and your final payment is made with cash.

Please let us know if you have any questions before or after you receive your new puppy. Feel free to contact us even if you don't have any questions. We always love to hear and get pictures from the families of our puppies.

We hope your new puppy will be a blessing to you for many years!!!


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