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Name: Robert Wilkes - July 3 2007 (added manually)
Location: Marion, MS     USA
Message:   I recently purchased a Black Pug from the Ralph & Christine Puetz, They impressed me with their professionalism right from the start. They went out of their way to make sure the Puppy was right for me and my family. They prepared the puppy, so that when I arrive she was ready. I took the Puppy to my Vet in Fort Worth and this is where I got excited and knew I made the right choice of Breeders. My Vet said that when he checked out the dog and the paper work that I had from the Puetz, " This is the Best I have ever seen, this breeder knows what they are doing and are very though all" This breeder did not stop there, although it has been less than two weeks since I picked up the Pug, they have contacted me several time to ensure all is OK. How many time have you purchased anything to find out the people care after they have your money. I am going to recommend this breeder to anyone interested in getting a quality Dog.

Name: Paulette Heller - September 24, 2006
Location: Louisville, KY     USA
Message:   Praise the Lord! What a delightful website. I have laughed and smiled and enjoyed all of your pictures. What a wonderful family you have. My daughter called today and they purchased an english bulldog puppy. His new name is Brentson Jacob Lawhon. And they will call him Jake. She emailed me pictures of Jake which led me on a surfing spree to see what I could find on bulldogs. Needless to say I found you all and what a blessing - I appreciate your creativity in your presentation of not only your family and business, but of the Lord. God bless you - Paulette Heller P.S. I also enjoyed your "Good Person" test and the Way of the Master approach. It is 2:20 a.m. and I feel as though I have just visited with family through your photo album. Your children are delightful. I have a grandson, Caleb who is 6 and I am sure he will be delighted to have a new puppy. I am grateful he is kind to animals. Bulldogs have such sweet faces! :-)

Name: Beth Johnson - September 07, 2006
Location: west Lafayette, In     USA
Message:   Hey their Chris thanks for the "Great" e-mail you sent me. God Bless you all. Love In Christ, Beth Johnson

Name: nita williams - September 06, 2006
Location: Mckinney, Tx     USA
Message:   I am very impress with your web site and you look to have a great breed of puppys i am very interested in a pug, but am also interested in a french bulldog.

Name: Lois Miller - September 02, 2006
Location: Oxford, IN     USA
Message:   It is very good to see your family and friends. Angela's daughter Kara is finally off chemo and got married on July 8. We all thank God for her recovery.

Name: Sharon - August 06, 2006
Location: Atlanta, GA     USA
Message:   I was browsing for frenchies and found not only your adorable ones, but your inspiring family website. A truely an American Dream family. Nice to know we Christian are not alone. Praise the Lord for you.

Name: Ethan Noble - August 05, 2006
Location: Oxford , IN     USA
Message:   Nice Site And I like your French Bulldogs also your links Your Nefew Ethan

Name: David and Rebecca McCorn - July 27, 2006
Location: Belton, MO     USA
Message:   From South side of Kansas City! A brother and sister in Christ! Serving actively in this world for the sake of His kingdom! So excited to see another large family pursuing Christ fully and using a precious business as a tool for ministering to the lost! Praise God! Keep on Keeping on! If you're ever in the KC area and need anything - please don't hesitate to call - we truly believe that is what the family of Christ is all about! We attend New Hope Bible Church where my husband David has just gone into full time leadership as Community Coordinator. He is a Calvary Bible College graduate. I have a teaching degree but only use it to substitute during the school year. We are looking into homeschooling in the near future. God BLESS!

Name: Jennifer - July 13, 2006
Location: Greeley, CO     USA
Message:   I was looking for breeders for pug puppies. I love your website and your puppies look so wonderful. Thank you! P.S. My house also serves the Lord. Thank you for sharing all that you have on your website.

Name: dawn graham - July 11, 2006
Location: owensville, mo     USA
Message:   i recently met a woman on a listing for an english bulldog for free. i got in touch with her, and she told a big long story of how she was a missionary in africa, and she had a month old bullie that just couldn't take the heat. she then asked that i pay as much of the 250.00 for shipping that i could. now we all know it costs that in the US, it has 2 cost more from africa!!!! then she said that the pup would come straight to my house. i know that couldn't happen either. but then she wanted me to send her as much money as possible to a western union that was in nirobe. people like that give good people and fellow christians a bad name. i thought ya'll might want to know something like that. maybe you can post a warning on your site. i also wanted you to know you have beautiful puppies!!!!! i have been looking for the perfect one for about 5 years now. i'll find her sooner or later. thank you, dawn

Name: tara - July 05, 2006
Location: england, england     USA
Message:   hello my name is tara i love how cute your baby boy is hes really cute!!!

Name: Amanda and Michell - June 28, 2006
Location: lewiston, me     USA
Message:   your dogs are so cute

Name: Angela Allison - June 23, 2006
Location: Surrey, BC     Canada
Message:   My niece recently purchased a puppy from you and he is a sweetheart. I remember when we brought Otis home from the breeders. It was like bringing home our baby. And he really is our baby. He will be six years in September and we enjoy him so much. I have never met another canine with so much character and personality. He has truly brought joy into our lives and the lives of our grandchilren and friends. I would like to thank you, your family and all the other true breeders of English Bulldogs. Keep up the wonderful work. Your website was truly enjoyable. Sincerely, Angela Allison

Name: Adam and Jenise - June 22, 2006
Location: Pascoag, RI     USA
Message:   We just LOVE our english bulldog!!! We got Darwin in January of 2004 from you and your family, he is now 1 year and 8mo old, happy, and healthy! I couldn't be happier! Thank you again, and hopefully we will be adding a frenchie in the near future!-The Butlers

Name: Carolina Munoz - June 15, 2006
Location: Baltimore, MD     USA
Message:   Hi, my step father is interested in having an english bull dog! i just wanted to drop in and see what you need to have and do to have a healthy dog! i would really like it if you could send me more information about what you have to do and how much it would cost to buy a dog form your buisness! feel free to e-mail me anyday! Thank you!

Name: natasha - June 12, 2006
Location: irving, tx     USA
Message:   hi i just love that you sale pug puppies my dad is thinking about getting one becaues my aunt came down and she had her puppy so now he wants one i hope that we get a puppy from you guys becaues you guys are doing a great thing!!!!

Name: Linda Vosler - June 11, 2006
Location: Cheyenne, Wy.     USA
Message:   We have been looking for a pug puppy.We will keep looking.

Name: stormy howard - June 09, 2006
Location: lefors, tx     USA
Message:   i really love bulldogs. i am looking for one so if you could email me some information i would much appreciate it think you (love all the pic.)

Name: Julie - June 06, 2006
Location: Liverpool,      UK
Message:   I love your website-you look like a wonderful Christian family and your dogs are so cute. I do agree with what a previous poster said though-it would be good to include some health information on the breeds you have. God Bless you all Julie

Name: Tammy DeGraff - May 26, 2006
Location: Spokane, Wa     USA
Message:   great interesting all boys though whew......

Name: jackie lawson - May 26, 2006
Location: california,      USA
Message:   i love your pugs

Name: Krystal Davis - May 24, 2006
Location: Virginia Beach, VA     USA
Message:   I thought your pages were very nice. It's good to know that people still show that they love God. Hope your ranch is doing well and plan on buying a puppy as soon as I can. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is in the military. I have a 1 1/2 yr old son and another baby on the way.

Name: toni - May 20, 2006
Location: australia, sa     sa
Message:   hello my name is toni im 14 and i like ur page its good well hope to sign ur guss book some other time bye bye

Name: Brandon Puetz - May 19, 2006
Location: Mitchell, Sd     USA
Message:   Hi.. Just looking around on the net for my own name. Making sure i wasnt on there, but sure enough there is another brandon Puetz.. Sure didnt know that! - Brandon Puetz Mitchell South Dakota

Name: rosie - May 17, 2006
Message:   I love bulldogs

Name: mary - April 25, 2006
Location: hixckvill, ny     USA
Message:   i think your website is great cause we have an english bulldog her name is bella

Name: steph n daren hall - April 23, 2006
Location: southampton,      uk
Message:   hi i was looking on the net for a bulldog or a pug and i came across your site so i have just been reading about your wonderful family bless you for spreading the word

Name: leighanne reinhardt - April 19, 2006
Location: long islnd,      USA
Message:   your bady is sooooooooo cute and sammy is doing geat he head a little polem so he took him to the vet and the vet is find

Name: Robert & Angelia - April 08, 2006
Location: Mayfield, ky     USA
Message:   Hello, we have been looking around at bulldog sites and really enjoyed yours. We enjoyed your gospel messages along with the pics of the family.

Name: Kerri Groseclose Laughlin - April 01, 2006
Location: Waynesvlle, MO     USA
Message:   Just checking the website. Our puppy we got from you guys in 2004 is wonderful!! We love her!!! You guys are great!

Name: eddie wynne - April 01, 2006
Location: lebanon, tn     USA
Message:   were expecting puppies in may by ch briarpatch's sam i am. most will be kept for showing and i hope they look as good as yours. great website

Name: SGT Davis, David - March 18, 2006
Location: Darmstadt, Hess     Germany
Message:   I have visited your web site and love the pictures of the animals, the puppies, and your beautiful family. Maybe someday I will be able to go back to the states and get my another pug puppy. Keep the faith. SGT Davis

Name: Cierra Baumunk - March 16, 2006
Location: Pollock Pines, Ca     USA
Message:   I have really enjoyed reading your website and viewing all of the fun pictures. It looks like there is a lot of love and warmth at your ranch.

Name: Jay-Jay Ahulau Akiona - March 08, 2006
Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii     USA
Message:   Thank you for such an awsome website and family page. It is evedent that God comes first before anything in your family. And I too agree that if it was'nt for Jesus we would not have exsperiance His grace, mercey, and unconditional love for us to refoice with joy and find strength in His awsome love. Thank you for your time to share. You are an exsample for all. You have encourage me to know that I found a good breeder of the breed. and even if it dose'nt work out to aqquire a puppy from you, I will surely send people your way. Mahalo (thank you) for your unconditional love of God. Jay-Jay Ahulau Akiona

Name: Sunday Acang - February 18, 2006
Location: Kula , Hi      USA
Message:   Praise the Lord! Our God is so Awsome! Just visiting again to see if you and your family had any pictures or new testimonies of what God is doing and the blessings he has poured on your family.

Name: Amy Thornsberry - February 12, 2006
Location: Blytheville, AR     USA
Message:   Hello! I am trying to get in touch with you about buying an English Bulldog puppy but I cannot get the email link to work to email you. So can you please email me...I am looking for a female bullie pup!! I am undecided about which color I would like. If you have any available would you please send pictures and prices. If not, please let me know when you will have some. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Amy

Name: Cindy Willliams - February 12, 2006
Location: Caulfield, mo     USA
Message:   i love your french bulldogs.

Name: Cindy Williams - February 12, 2006
Location: Caulfield, M.O.     USA
Message:   i love your french bulldogs. i raise "boxers".

Name: Ashley - February 09, 2006
Location: craborchard, KY     USA
Message:   You have a cute family! I love kids, and i have two, Alania Katherine is 2 and Jonah Matthew is 3, and i have a girl on the way! her name is going to be, Lena Ann. I am due may 27th! Your website id neat! E-mail me Ashley

Name: Paige Morgan Feb. 7, 2006 - February 07, 2006
Location: Broomall, P.A.     USA
Message:   Your puppies are so so cute! GOD BLESS YOU!!!. BYE.

Name: ashley richmond - January 18, 2006
Location: emmaus, pa     USA
Message:   your pitchers are so cute and adorabule. well nice website and god bless you and your family.

Name: Laura - January 12, 2006
Location: San Francisco, c     USA
Message:   Beautiful Family!! I wish I had the space you have, with those boys, you truely need it lol! Once again what a Beautiful Family you have!!!

Name: victoria rutherford - January 11, 2006
Location: Chicago, IL     USA
Message:   I can't wait for the next litter of daughters are so excited just from looking at your page! In fact, we are hoping to nab us 2 of the pugs...Christine, just let me know when the next "batch" will be done :)...can hardly wait! Also, you have a very lovely family... Victoria Rutherford, Logan Rutherford, & Chanel Gray

Name: Fiona O'Neill - January 06, 2006
Location: kilkenny,      ireland
Message:   Hi My husband and I were looking at your website and are very interested in purchasing a frenchie. Unfortunately, everytime we try to click on "email me" we are rerouted to a different webaddress. Could you please email us at the above address in order that we can contact you. Regards Fiona & Andy

Name: Lynn - January 04, 2006
Location: Mont Belvieu, TX     USA
Message:   My husband desires to have a pug. So I was visiting your sight. All your puppies are so cute. Also appreciate very much that they are being raised in a Godly home. As for me and my house We serve the Lord. God bless you all

Name: lucio antonio pütz - January 03, 2006
Location: cordoba, cordoba     Argentina
Message:   !!!!!!!!!!!!!very, very, very Happy New Yeard. para toda esa bella familia. Que Dios continue con su luz sobre ustedes Hasta siempre, adio, Auf wiedersehen, good bye.

Name: DarrylFriesen - December 27, 2005
Location: edmonton, ALBTA     CANADA

Name: Philip - December 19, 2005
Location: Des Moines, Ia     USA
Message:   Was Looking for Pug puppies and found your site.

Name: James Rollins - December 19, 2005
Location: Connersville, IN     USA
Message:   Hello, I am a Christian too! I'm looking to buy a Pug or a Frenchie in a few months. So, when I'm ready I will contact you. Thanks and God Bless and Merry Christmas. James

Name: Sunday Acang - December 15, 2005
Location: Kula, Hi     USA
Message:   I just visited your english bulldogs and I think their beautiful. You have a lovely family. I see that your christians and believe in a wonderful and loving God. For our home we serve the Lord. We were looking for puppies for our children.

Name: Sunday Acang - December 15, 2005
Location: Kula, Hi     USA
Message:   I just visited your english bulldogs and I think their beautiful. You have a lovely family. I see that your christians and believe in a wonderful and loving God. For our home we serve the Lord. We were looking for puppies for our children.

Name: Lara K. - December 09, 2005
Location: Hillsboro, MO     USA
Message:   As a previous bulldog owner I can say that your bulldogs look great. We miss our Belle so much and would really love to have another bulldog soon. I will be in touch. Thank you for sharing your testimony as well, God is good!

Name: Dianne Lockhart - November 21, 2005
Location: Parkville, MO     USA
Message:   We were lucky enough to have one of your puppies join our family. We knew immediately that your puppies were loved and you took very good care of them. If anyone is looking for a great breeder, they need not look any further. They should consider themselves blessed, if they were to able to get one of your puppies. Thank you so much for our pug, Merlin.

Name: John, Louise and Smoochie Deuth - November 12, 2005
Location: Roxbury, CT     USA
Message:   A great web site.Beautiful Pugs and a nice looking family. Unusual to see a conscientious and caring breeder from Missouri. I feel that you are the exception, at least in that area. How refreshing !!!

Name: Kevin Puetz - November 03, 2005
Location: Loves Park, IL     USA
Message:   Just checking out Puetz web sites.

Name: Beth Harper - November 03, 2005
Location: Columbus, OH     USA
Message:   Dear Puetz Family, I love your website and take great joy in knowing you all our Christians. My husband and I too are born again believers and wish to someday purchase an English Bulldog pup from you. Take Care, Beth & Joe Harper, Columbus, Ohio

Name: Sara Fejjelious - October 18, 2005
Message:   Hi I don't think your website has enough imformation. I think you should not show your kids faces on line!!!!!!!! You have done a good layout but need to talk more about the helth issues of the dog.

Name: Betsy Padilla - October 17, 2005
Location: Albuquerque, NM     USA
Message:   OOOps, sorry, I wasn't done signing your guestbook, I got carried away with the typing. I love your whole website and your Christian beliefs!!!! What a beautiful family you have!!! and beautiful Frenchies, those and the Boston Terrier are my absolute favorite!!! Some day (soon) when our business takes off I would LOVE to buy a frenchie from you... Thanks!!

Name: Betsy Padilla - October 17, 2005
Location: Albuquerque, NM     USA
Message:   Hello, your dogs are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Name: Nicole - October 11, 2005
Location: Orangeville ,      Canada
Message:   I am just in love with your puppies, I am patiently waiting until the day that i will finally be able to afford a pug puppy! I keep up to date with your pups. They are absolutely adorable. You seem like you are a wonderful family.

Name: natalie guanche - October 04, 2005
Location: pembroke pines, fl     USA
Message:   I love your cute little pugs they are cute like a lot of flowers starting to sprout

Name: Dan Ellis - September 27, 2005
Location: RR # 3, Waterford, Ontario     Canada
Message:   You have beautiful, graceful doggies/puppies, and an even more Peaceful God Given Family, you are all Truly Blessed.

Name: Gwendolyn Crosby - September 16, 2005
Location: Detroit, MI     USA
Message:   I just want to say, thank you very much for having this website. I love reading everything there. I just went in to look at the puppies you have for sale and I left feeling that I have come closer to GOD then I have in my whole life. I have always been a Christen and have always tried to live me life according to the Bible and what it says, and you have help me feel that I am not alone, that there are people out there that don't just say they are Christen, but that live life as a Christen. I know you know what I am talking about and how I feel. I thank GOD for sending your site my way just when I needed it most, my heart is so full right now. Thank you.

Name: diane - September 14, 2005
Location: covina, calif     USA
Message:   Hi I really enjoyed your web site. I first fell in love with these English BullDogs when my daughter sent me to the vet for her little yorker terrier. and there was the most Beautful English bulldog I had ever seen. so I went home and looked them up and there was your web site and you have the exact same one he's all white with brown ears. he's so beautful . on the second row third one to the right. I have been telling my husbund and children about him since then but they keep telling me Dream on mom dad could never afford that dog. so I printed his picture and all the other ones to and I named him mugs. And I put him on my Refregator. and it says this is my dog his name is mugs lol. I guess theres no harm in dreaming lol. and then Lord also says ask and it shell be given onto you. so Iam going to pray about it. and looking at your web site Gee theres a place I would love to family and I are also a christian family. We attend Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Dimond Bar California. well thank you for shairing your site. And may God Bless you and your family. love Diane

Name: Hilde Thomas-Puetz - September 08, 2005
Location: Kerkrade,      Holland
Message:   Dear family, I enjoy your page, seeking all over the world the puetz-family and visiting the page frequently. Good luck en greetings from Holland, Hilde Thomas-Pütz

Name: Maria - September 01, 2005
Location: Flemington, NJ     USA
Message:   What a beautiful family you all are!!!!! I am the proud owner of an eight year old Pug named Willie. My mom has two pugs in Florida, one of which is a new puppy, named Ruby whom my two sons ardore. I am considering adding another pug to our family. Your Pugs look very healthy. I would be interested in a female. I am not 100% ready to purchase one right now but I will check back which you when I am. Thank you and God Bless.

Name: martha vigeant - August 12, 2005
Location: Perry, Fl.     USA
Message:   My daughter in law wanted a pug for her 11 year old daughter,and I saw your webbsite and went over the entire site. I loved it and called my daughter in law to tell her about it. I am in Florida,but she is 200 miles from you,in Murphysboro,Il. She wants a pug real bad,but I know she can't pay 700 for it,but I know she will enjoy your site, so it was worth finding tou just for that.You have beautiful children.Do you home school them?Thanks Martha

Name: nefertiti - August 04, 2005
Location: Alsace,      USA
Message:   Hello I'm french, l speak a little english, Your site is Super,je suis une passionnée des french bulldog, j en possède 2, i love your pictures puppies surtout the puppie cream is very nice. my website is bisous DE FRANCE à toute la famille

Name: Jennifer - July 29, 2005
Location: West Des Moines, IA     USA
Message:   Hey, I loved looking at your little babies(puppies and family)! I own an 8 month old pug named Gus, and we might be looking for a new baby next spring, how often do you have puppies? Its nice to see such a wonderful, spirit driven family raise such precious creatures!

Name: jarrid horn - July 27, 2005
Location: aberdeen , washington     USA
Message:   Neat web site. its nic eot get a little look as to where my next family member may be coming from. Thanks for inviting me to your guest book and God Bless!!!

Name: heather - July 22, 2005
Location: dandridge, tn     USA
Message:   my boyfriend and i are looking fot an english bulldog when i came across you site which i think is really neat. I would love to buy one of your english bulldogs, but my boyfriend said missouri is just to far. i also notice that you had six sons and no girls,but there is luck for you because my mother had six boys before she had me lucky number 7 and she got her baby girl.

Name: Nina Clark - July 22, 2005
Location: Casper, Wyoming     USA
Message:   I enjoyed your page very much. I also believe the same way your family does. I have 4 sons and am married and we are raising our sons to be Godly men. I actually came by your site to see dogs. I have a female Schnauzer who is going to have pups soon. We are excited and I would like to start up business. May God Bless you all. I must go for now. Feel free to e-mail me at anytime with tips on dogs or Godly tips...

Name: Jessica Robinson - July 08, 2005
Location: Warren, MI     USA
Message:   My husband despratly wants an English Bulldog. At this time we have an 11 year Husky named Jake. MY BABY! So our home just isn't big enough for another dog. But hoepfully I'll be able to visit you again to see about a dog for my husband, some time in the future. Thanks again.

Name: Tina Clark - June 29, 2005
Location: St.Louis, Mo.     USA
Message:   Hello! What beautiful puppies!!! I am searching for a pug baby or two :o) I am a Vet Tech and have recently quit working due to having Multiple Sclerosis. Now that I am home all the time I am able to provide lots of love and attention to a new baby or two... I hope to hear from you soon. Hugs and God Bless you and yours, Tina Clark St.Louis, Missouri

Name: Steve Puetz - June 29, 2005
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA     USA
Message:   Just happened to run across your site. Nice to see that there are good people out there that share the same last name as myself. God Bless!

Name: wayne carter - June 19, 2005
Location: miami, fl     USA
Message:   I'm glad that I will be dealing with a spirit filled family. You are a testament of His presense in our lives, as crazy as this world might be.It's good to know that others are out there praising Him and believing in Him and taking a stand in His name.He is risen indeed.

Name: cutepuppy1359 - June 19, 2005
Message:   those pictures of pugs are so cute. i love dogs, and pugs just happen to be one of my most favorite dogs.

Name: Roxy - June 18, 2005
Location: Dunedin,      NZ
Message:   hi there loved the bulldogs pictures to bits i have been a bulldog fan since i was born had my first puppie when i was 5 for my 5th birthday but then he died last year so now im trying to look for another one but havent yet but hopefully soon thank you bye

Name: megan ruff - June 13, 2005
Location: nanjemoy, md     USA
Message:   hello, i am 21 years old, and a breeder my self, I am look to get my first bullie pup, and happened to come apon your web site, and fell in love with the opening picture. the one of the hole gang. i was wondering if any of the boys were for sale!!! I hope to be getting one of yours on a upcomming litter... thanks for letting to world know what is most important these dayz... that is a LOVING family

Name: grace marrero - May 09, 2005
Location: jupiter, fl     USA
Message:   your puppies are beautiful and i enjoyed looking at your pictures . i am sure you guys are so busey between the children and the husband and i are interested in your pugs they are our favorite breed.will you have any available this summer or early fall? god bless

Name: Jessica Lugo - May 03, 2005
Location: Georgeotwn, Ky     USA
Message:   Today my family and I bought our first pug. She is silver with a little bit of black and she is wonderful! We can already tell that she is a perfect addition to tour family! It is amazing how it has all just fell into place. I would definitley recommend this breed of dogs to any family that has children because they are great. You could not ask for better. Also I would like to give an applause to the Puetz family for their faith in God and the wonderful example they are setting for their children. God bless you and keep up the great work!

Name: Brittney - April 28, 2005
Location: Hinston, La      USA
Message:   I love your sit your family and also puppys are so cute.I'm hope to soon have a english or french bulldog. i will hopefully be receiving one as a gift from my parents for my high school graduation but they have yet to find one near our home and if we do find them they are close to 2,000 dollars and with the plan for nursing school coming up it is a little to much but hopefully i will soon have one. Brittney

Name: Michele Upson - April 19, 2005
Location: Overland Park, KS     USA
Message:   Hello, you have a very nice webpage! My family is so excited about getting a pug. We have 3 boys and 1 girl and no family pets yet. We've done our research and decided a pug would be perfect for us. This summer, when the kids are out of school, we will all work together to train our new puppy. I am a stay at home Mom, so our little puppy will always have someone at home. As a christian family, we like to support christian businesses. I'm so glad to find your webpage. We look forward to meeting you and your puppies! Michele Upson

Name: Patty Brunal - March 26, 2005
Location: Martinez, ca     USA
Message:   Just want to know if you have any male puppies for sale.

Name: Donald Puetz - March 22, 2005
Message:   just did a google of the Puetz family and found your site, just saying hello.

Name: Mary, John and Justin Fry - February 28, 2005
Location: Newport, WA     USA
Message:   Enjoyed your website and our phone conversation today. Would like to receive a picture or two of the two expectant pug mommies and the daddies. Looking forward to seeing the pug puppies when they are born this March. Looking for a male.........Thank you

Name: maria hernandez - February 28, 2005
Location: west sacramento, c.a     USA
Message:   those baby pix. are so tight!!! man i wish i had a baby like that

Name: Jennifer Carroll - February 25, 2005
Location: Phoenix, N.Y.     USA
Message:   i love the puppies your selling!

Name: Tina Abbett - February 20, 2005
Location: St Louis, Mo     USA
Message:   I was refered to you by Sally Sherlock. Her daughter, Julie and fiance, visited your ranch sometime recently. I am beginning the search for a reputible, responsible pug breeder. My family and I were fortunate to receive a pug from a family who didn't want her (I'll never understand that, by the way). We had her for 3 years and I never knew I could love a dog so much. She was 15 months old when we got her and died of lung cancer at 5 years old last October.

Name: Linda Warrenbrand - February 05, 2005
Location: Sudbury, MA     USA
Message:   I love the pictures of your beautiful dogs, but most I love the pictures of your big, loving family. You must consider yourselves truly blessed to have such handsome sons, not to mention 6 of them! Good luck and God Bless. Sincerely, Linda Warrenbrand

Name: teresa harmon - February 05, 2005
Location: westminster, md     USA
Message:   I loved your set up. I have 2 boys and we have been looking for a pug to add to our family. Everytime I put in an email for pug your name keeps coming up. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any females. god bless teresa

Name: Weny Blanchard - January 29, 2005
Location: new orleans, la     USA
Message:   As soon as we relocate in a place with more space, I'm rewarding myself with 2 pug puppies, my life's dream. I was wondering if some pugs are smaller than others - I have chronic neck problems, and the smaller they are, the easier for me to pick up. I have seen some that are quite big. What is the average weight they get? Please advise - thank you! Your web site is adorable! Wendy

Name: Rachael - January 24, 2005
Location: scottdale, AZ     USA
Message:   thanks bunches

Name: cherish - January 22, 2005
Location: manassas, VA     USA

Name: cherish - January 22, 2005
Location: manassas, VA     USA

Name: Lorin Miller - January 18, 2005
Location: Big Spring, Tx     USA
Message:   I enjoyed the piano and the song. i had to hum it a few times and i think i am right. "Lead me to Calvary" My Mom was the song leader, sometimes the pianist too. My Dad was the pastor and I was the preachers kid. Only child. That is not recommended. Grew up in a Wesleyan Methodist church and home. Pretty amazing journey. My Dad was a Saint and my Mom too. Their lives, no compromise, no slacking from the Way. I will see them in Heaven. I am about to retire from teaching and coaching. 44 years with that profession. Taken me to many places. Mostly colleges and professionally. Without brothers or sisters, dogs were my companions. Always 1 or 2 nearby. so it is in this retirement plan dogs are in the plan. I will be talking with you later. I have some acreage in Kansas and I would like to devote some time to raising English bulldogs. My Dad was Lorin Miller and I have his name. Thanks for allowing me to write in your guest book. Lorin

Name: Rhoda McNabb - January 12, 2005
Location: Delta Junction, AK     USA
Message:   Hello From Alaska!

Name: GINGER DEVINE - January 01, 2005
Location: AVALON, CA     USA

Name: David A Puetz - December 27, 2004
Location: Laguna Niguel, Ca     USA
Message:   We are planning to move to a house in about a year will be interested in purchasing an english bulldog. I would like to know what your prices are.

Name: colin puetz - December 20, 2004
Location: kelowna, b.c.     canada
Message:   jesus has dramatically changed my life. boys, never stop sreving cousin andrea from middle lake saskatchewan canada is on your site also. our great grandfather was mathias puetz. dont know where he came from. i think from germany to the usa and later to canada. my grand father recieved christ the romans way on his death bed. he was a strong catholic his whole life. i'm not sure what that means exactly, but i know in his last days he and my father worked out thier issues. i believe that was fruit of true salvation. anyways, i'm so happy to hear i have probably some distant relatives who serve jesus.

Name: colin puetz - December 20, 2004
Location: kelowna, b.c.     canada
Message:   jesus has dramatically changed my life. boys, never stop sreving jesus.

Name: Ebony Pinkney - December 17, 2004
Location: Philadelphia, P.a.     USA
Message:   You have a lovely family and healthy, adorable puppies. God Bless You!

Name: Stephanie Diamond - December 10, 2004
Location: Iowa City, IA     USA
Message:   Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your website and look foreward to a pug from you guys in February!!

Name: Lanita - November 20, 2004
Location: WPB, FL     USA
Message:   your dogs are beautiful, how much is shipping?

Name: aloisn - November 18, 2004
Message:   ilove your dogs

Name: chelsea halbrook - November 13, 2004
Location: St.Louis , MO     USA
Message:   pugs are soo awesome and my little mini one is so cute anyone who says there ugly is mean rock on! love chelsea peace!!!!

Name: Nita Denning - November 08, 2004
Location: Byron Center, MI     USA
Message:   Prasie the Lord for the blessing your web is. You have a beautiful family and adorable pups! My daughter, Harmony Charles had sent me you web to see. She had to put her bulldog down a few weeks ago and hasn't quite gotten over it!

Name: Tammy Crum - November 03, 2004
Location: Walnut, MS     USA
Message:   It was a blessing to sit here & read of all the great things that you believe in. I have been raised Penticostal all my life. Your family is so beautiful. Always cherish what you have. I use to own 2 pugs also. I am looking soon to maybe having another one. May God continue to bless your home. Always!!!!

Name: Harmony Charles - November 02, 2004
Location: Wyoming, MI     USA
Message:   Hello! We just had to put our Bulldog Emmy Lou to sleep about 6 weeks ago. She was our baby. She was 7 1/2 yrs. old and brought alot of amusement and joy to us. We miss her terribly. So does our Pug Peatrie - he doesn't really know what to do w/o his playmate. He stands about 15 inches high at the shoulders and weighs about 26 pds. - we often call him Pugzilla as we realize he's rather large for his breed! We have enjoyed looking at your web-site and wanted to let you know that we also are born-again believers and admire your concern for other people's eternal destination! Praise the Lord for bold christians like yourselves who are not afraid to share thier faith with others!!! We were curious, too, if you project having any bulldog pups by this spring/early summer - as we will TRY to 'replace' the void Emmy left behind (once we can afford such a purchase!) We would be most interested in either a red/white (like Emmy) or a fawn. We usually do not care for the Brindles, and haven't seen too many of the blk./wht., but aren't opposed to one either. Please let us know if you MAY possibly have any available by then - (female)...and we would certainly appreciate it! Thanks and God Bless! Harmony & Scott Charles

Name: Linda Bright - November 02, 2004
Location: New York, NY     USA
Message:   Yes,I am in the market for a female pug...but I must say that your website is so beautiful.Never have I had the experience of going to a site over and over again and leaving totally inspired.Your family is absolutely gorgeous and wholesome are your puppies.Thanks for the opportunity.It's refreshing to know that the love of the Lord can still inundate lives. God bless you all,Linda.

Name: madeline logan call me maddie - October 28, 2004
Location: Petaluma, CA     USA
Message:   If by any chance you could send me some pictures of your pug and bulldog because I have a pug and bulldog myself. My pugs name is Dillon for Dillon beach. Some of my family lives at Dillon beach. My bulldogs name is bo sort for Bolenis beach. madeline logan Thanks for all your time

Name: Frans PUTZ - October 25, 2004
Location: Zevenaar, Gelderland     Netherlands
Message:   Very interesting that also in the Uninted States are living families with my surname Puetz. Nice site of the Ranch. I'm Spanish teacher in the Netherlands. En espaol/In spanish: Es muy interesante saber que en los EEUU tambin vivan familias del apellido Ptz. Buena pgina web de su "Ranch".

Name: sandy - October 25, 2004
Location: athens, ohio     USA
Message:   was looking at your pug puppies and french bulldogs, love both breeds, would like to get a french bulldog one of these days when we have the extra money.we also have 5-sons, our oldest starts college the first of nov. you have a great website, will visit again soon. SANDY

Name: Dustin - October 24, 2004
Location: Austintown, Ohio     USA
Message:   Hello, we also breed pugs. Thanks!!

Name: kim daniel - October 21, 2004
Location: fair grove, mo     USA
Message:   I really enjoyed your web site May God Bless You

Name: Bronson Engquist - October 18, 2004
Location: Fort Wayne, IN     USA
Message:   HEY ARE U APOSTLIC JUST WONDERING? K LATER GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Sandra Hammond - October 07, 2004
Location: Lafayette, la     USA
Message:   I so enjoyed your website! What a beautiful family. I will be in the market for a pug puppy in about 6 months and will be in contact with you then. Your animals look healthy and well-loved. God Bless!

Name: ashley - September 20, 2004
Location: middletown, oh     USA
Message:   i have five week puppies at home and i cherish my dog with everything i guess you could say i am obsessed with her but who couldn't love a pug they are just to darn cute. love your website!!!!! ashley

Name: Kara Leger - September 05, 2004
Location: Saint John , NB     Canada
Message:   We recently purchased a pug from the Puetz family and he is a wonderful pet. Oscar was well loved before he travelled the long distance to Canada. He is very well socialized and a gorgeous puppy. The Puetz were very helpful and made our decision to get a puppy very easy.

Name: Elise - September 01, 2004
Location: New Hyde Park, NY     USA
Message:   Hi, We like your web page. Your kids are very handsome. God bless you all!

Name: Dale & Pat Rockefeller - August 28, 2004
Location: Hudson, NY     USA
Message:   My wife and I have a 2 yr. old female pug.We got her when she was 6 wks.old.Your pictures reminded us of our baby when she was that little.Her name is Molly.We love her to death.All our kids are grown,so she is our baby.She is spoiled as bad (or worse) than the kids.We thank you all for sharing yours with us. Sincerely, Pat & Dale

Name: Lucio Ptz - August 25, 2004
Location: Cordoba, Cordoba     Argentina
Message:   Hace tiempo que no me comunicaba con ustedes, Hoy lo hago, tn slo para decirles, que los tengo guardado en un rincn de mi corazn, y aunque no los conozco los quiero mucho. Family You are Wonderful!!!!!

Name: Veronica McConnell - August 21, 2004
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA     USA
Message:   I just wanted to stop in and say hi... we bought a pug from you and named him Tank Francis Post "Tank", and he's turned out to be THE BEST PUG ever, everyone loves him and he got along splendidly with our other pug Sophia L. Post "Sophie". It's amazing the difference in just how great they are when purchased through a warm breeded vs. a pet shop... Tank just loves everyone & anyone - Sophie hesitates & puts up walls because she doesn't want to get affection.... going back to the whole pet shop experience, so we make sure to make her and Tank feel like our very own special stars! Which they are! THANK YOU PUETZ'S - YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

Name: carla veronica - August 20, 2004
Location: london,      england
Message:   i like your site and the fotos are nice

Name: Alicia Payton - August 17, 2004
Location: Stockton , ca     USA
Message:   Family is a wonderful gift from GOD

Name: Bailey H. - August 15, 2004
Location: British Columbia,      Canada
Message:   I am so in love with your Pug puppies and English Bulldog Puppies!! They are soo adorable!! I wish I could get one...but my dad won't let me. Oh well, keep posting more pictures cuz they are sooo adorable...give them lots of hugs and kisses from me!!!

Name: LORETTA FEDORENCHIK - August 14, 2004
Location: HOMOSASSA, FL.     USA

Name: Anthony & Nina - August 09, 2004
Location: L.A., CA     USA
Message:   Nice website, We enjoyed it! All Our Best, Anthony & Nina you can visit us at:

Name: PAMELA RAINEY - July 30, 2004
Location: ANDERSON, S.C.     USA

Name: Sarah Puetz - July 24, 2004
Location: Tacoma, wa     USA
Message:   Hi Phyllis and Curt I am a Puetz too. My family is mostly from Washington State. My Great Grandfathers name was Oscar Puetz. I was just wondering if we were related by any chance.My family is from Germany.I am sure that you guys are too. Email me at

Name: Kelly Mikolajczyk - July 23, 2004
Location: Orlando, FL     USA
Message:   I enjoyed reading about the wonderful things that God has done in your life! He is an amazing God...thanks for sharing!

Name: Curt Puetz - July 20, 2004
Location: Brookings, SD     USA
Message:   Just wanted to say hi.

Name: Pat Fordyce- Gale - July 07, 2004
Location: Cambridge,      England
Message:   Hi I breed and show pugs in the UK, love your site and your beautiful pugs.

Name: Phyllis (Puetz) Sondgeroth - July 05, 2004
Location: Fowler, IN     USA
Message:   Hello - I was visiting your website and wondered by chance if we are related? I have a brother by the name of Ralph and a sister-in-law by the name of Christine and six nephews, Brandon-Jordan-Luke-Andrew-Peter-Isaac, and they also raise dogs,cattle and have dabbled in other areas as well. It would be interesting to see more updated photos of your family to see if they look familiar to me! I hope this finds you all doing good! Love to all of you.

Name: Yvonne Prinzmeier - June 30, 2004
Location: Rheine,      Germany
Message:   Hi, I was looking for something about "Ptz" in the www. Because I'm a born "Ptz" before I married my husband 3 years ago. So I found your page. I was surprised that I'm in the USA now. Very nice the pictures of your boys. We have 2 children. The girl is 2 and the boy is 1 year old. You can see more under Greetings from Yvonne, Christian, Lina und Wilm from Germany We hope the English wasn't as bad...

Name: Terrry Jimeson - June 24, 2004
Location: Hiawatha, KS     USA
Message:   Hello I love your site

Name: Holly Branson - June 23, 2004
Location: Cedar Hill, MO     USA
Message:   This is such a great site. Your family looks so happy. that is very important these days. Keep up the great work. Those pug puppies look adorable!!

Name: Cynthia A Wessel - June 22, 2004
Location: evansville, in     USA
Message:   enjoyed looking at your pups. We just lost ours and we are still grieving, will visit again when we are ready for another chesty p. cindi

Name: Anthony Puetz - May 22, 2004
Location: Milltonw, WI     USA
Message:   I wonder if we are related somehow

Name: James Vickery - May 21, 2004
Location: Pensacol , FL      USA
Message:   Just to let you guys know you have a beautiful family... It is very nice to see an organized family with a strong faith in God; and devotion to Christian Service throughout the entire family. Very inspiring.... James Vickery

Name: tkdostar - May 20, 2004
Location: fullerton, ca     USA
Message:   Your puppies and dogs are soooo adorable. I really and truly enjoyed going through your site. When i have a chance, i am going to tell my friend about your family website. she is currently searaching for the right breeders for bulldogs.

Name: Carolyn Staggs - May 02, 2004
Location: Portola, CA     USA
Message:   How wonderfully refreshing to view your website. I was just interested in seeing what was available for a little pug, since my beloved little guy is getting old and won't be with us much longer, howevever I can't afford to purchase one but really enjoy looking. I so enjoyed your family pictures with the boys interacting with the puppies but most of all, I loved reading about your belief in God which I share. I was truly blessed this afternoon while viewing. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!! God bless you all.

Name: Jessica Hamblett - April 28, 2004
Location: Liverpool,      u.k
Message:   I am interesterd in buying a puppy if you would like me to take one in for you i would love to have one from jessica

Name: robyn rucker - April 05, 2004
Location: austin, tx     USA
Message:   Dear Puetz family, i have the same heart felt beliefs you do, yet i really was feeling discouraged due to my chronic pack pain. i was on the internet looking at precious photos of bulldog puppies to make me feel better and then your website popped up with the music and scriptures. thankyou, i feel be tter now. it was a little God send! god bless you! robyn rucker

Name: Ari & Ryan - April 03, 2004
Location: Redondo beach, ca     USA
Message:   We brought a pug from the Puetz's Family in Feb and he has been the best dog ever. He has been a great addition to our lives by bring smiles upon smiles everyday. He is so cute! Everytime we take him on walks people stop us to tell us he is the cutest pug they have ever seen and ask where we got him. Thank you so much Ralph and Christine from bringing such joy to our lives. I would HIGHLY recommend anybody to get a pug from the Puetz Family. We are planning on getting another one from them in the near future. God Bless! Ari and Ryan

Name: brittney vella - April 03, 2004
Location: Torrington, WY     USA
Message:   I really like the pictures of the pugs. My mom wants one

Name: AMY TRAN - March 16, 2004
Location: RICHMOND, va     USA
Message:   DEAR PUETZ FAMILY, I started to love pug when my boyfriend (who now is my husband) gave me a paper weight that had a pug inside. From now on, I'lve always wish that I could have a pug one day. My mom is scared of all dogs and cats so she would never let me have one. But since now after my husband and I move out (which gonna be next two month) and I'm looking for a pug for myself. Then I saw your family pictures and read the story; I feel that I like your family a lot and I wonder that I migth get a puppy from you in the future. So, keep me in your heart if you have a cute pug that would be my little friend in future. thank you, amy

Name: Robert & Liz Willey - March 11, 2004
Location: Hartville, MO     USA
Message:   I just loved your website, and the pictures of your puppies.

Name: Paula Steenstra - March 10, 2004
Location: Yuba City , CA     USA
Message:   I am interested in buying one of your male fawn pug puppies and wanted to ask if the cost of the puppy included the air fare and if i was allowed to make payments in order to afford the puppy. You have a wonderful website too, I am a Christian too, its great to see a nice Christian family as yours.

Name: jim & barbara Kuebel - March 04, 2004
Location: sparta, il     USA
Message:   interested in pug or english bulldog Which breed is the healthier breed? and which breed is best around children? Which breed will be available next Which breed is the most active and friendly? You have a wonderful family

Name: Emily - March 01, 2004
Location: Harvest, AL     USA
Message:   Hi, I love pugs and really would like to buy one when I get enough money, but I am only ten so I will just keep on wishiing for one!!

Name: Karen Johnson - February 23, 2004
Location: El Paso, TX     USA
Message:   Hello: I would like a fawn female puppy no older than 8 weeks old. She will be a companion pet for my husband and me. Do you have any available now or in the near future? We are ready to buy an adorable pug. Love your website - family togetherness makes a diference. Thank you. Karen Johnson

Name: Heather Link - February 17, 2004
Location: Carrollton, MO     USA
Message:   I really like your website and I might be interested in buying a bulldog Heather Link

Name: sarah&jade - February 06, 2004
Location: london, us     england
Message:   we would like to buy 2 of your bulldog puppies

Name: Randy Robbins - February 05, 2004
Location: Joplin , MO     USA
Message:   Thoroughly enjoyed your site! Wonderful to see a Christian family, so proud to acknowledge serving our Lord!

Name: mike Puetz - February 01, 2004
Location: Winona, mn     USA
Message:   Fun Web site.Came across it looking up the Family name. I had a couple English Bulls and enjoyed them alot. Keep up the good work, Mike

Name: Lorelei Sands - January 31, 2004
Location: East Stroudsburg, PA     USA
Message:   You have the sweetest website. What a cute, sweet, Christian family! Your children and your dogs are adorable! I hope to buy a pug from you someday in the future!

Name: john biga - January 29, 2004
Location: omaha, ne     USA
Message:   Pics of your Pugs are beautiful, friend has 2 Pugs and they are so well mannered and I have taken to them and they to me.

Name: Lynn Hietpas - January 28, 2004
Location: Stockbridge, WI     USA
Message:   Our family purchaced a male pug from the Puetz's in December, just in time for Christmas. Christine was very helpful on any questions that I had. We had it shipped via air freight, everything worked out great. The puppy (Parker) handled it just great. He is so much fun, very daring & willing to learn something new everyday. He doesn't really care for the SNOW thou, but he's adjusting. I would highly recommend buying a puppy from the Puetz Family. I know we will purchace another one from them in the future. Thanks Ralph & Christine for the beautiful puppy & everything you have done !! Your great people. The Hietpas'

Name: Laurie - January 23, 2004
Location: Loomis, Ca     USA
Message:   Hello, I was visiting your sight looking for a bull dog. You have a lovely family. I believe that children grow up to be better adults when raised on a farm. My husband and I just purchased a 45 acre farm in Richland, Mo. (near Waynesville). We are very excited to start our new life there with our 3 children. God Bless

Name: Shannon MacFarlane - January 22, 2004
Location: Hamilton, ontario     Canada
Message:   hello i waz just exploring through the net to try and find a english bulldog pup and ur sight came up and i looked through it and founf the exact dog i just signing ur guestbook to inform you that im really intrested in purchasing a little pup(english bulldog). when does ur breed come ?..can you please keep me updated on all info on the pups..i would very much appreciate that ..thank you shannon macfarlane

Name: Debbie Puetz - January 22, 2004
Location: West Lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   HI PUETZ's Finally found your site.

Name: gaschen hans - January 16, 2004
Location: bern, bern     CH
Message:   Gratuliere zu dieser sschnen Home Page!

Name: Dan Santiago - January 13, 2004
Location: Chicago, IL     USA
Message:   I like ur pic. They are sweet, and cool. Well sorry have to leave. Dan

Name: Maureen - January 11, 2004
Location: Lancaster, CA     USA
Message:   Hello Puetz Family, I was so happy to stumble upon your awsome website! I was looking for a pug, or bulldog puppy to adopt, and i was hoping that you could answer my question. I live in southern california, and i wanted to know if you were willing to ship, and how much it would cost to me to ship them. God Bless you, and your family, Maureen Lloyd

Name: Harold Behar - January 09, 2004
Location: Hauppauge, NY     USA
Message:   The pups are Absolutely adorable. That was the most creative site I have seen. Your children are so cute. I am searching for a pug or bulldog for my wife. You guys are 1st on our list. Thanks and god bless.

Name: Jasmine - January 05, 2004
Location: Lancaster, CA     USA
Message:   Hello, I read your site and i was overjoyed at the fact that you are beleivers as well as I. Also, I was wondering where is your farm located? Thanks and God Bless.

Name: James Justice - January 05, 2004
Location: Kyle, TX     USA
Message:   Was just looking at your puppies. My wife is wanting a English Bulldog so bad.

Name: Canda Justice - January 05, 2004
Location: Austin, TX     USA
Message:   I was checking out your site. I am interested in buying a English Bulldog one day soon.

Name: Amanda - December 30, 2003
Location: Antioch, Ca     USA
Message:   Your family is beautiful and I just love your pugs! They are so cute! We are looking at buying a pug and you are first on our list! ~Amanda

Name: Cecelia Saam - December 30, 2003
Location: Livonia, Mi     USA
Message:   Your Family is adorable and your puppies too!!!

Name: Jared Ahlstrom - December 12, 2003
Location: Rapid City , SD     USA
Message:   Hello, My name is Jared Ahlstrom I am currently looking for a fawn male pug pup. I came accross your website and was very impressed. I would like to know what pups are available. Thank you so much for your time and I'll hope to hear from you soon!! God Bless, Jared Ahlstrom P.S. I enjoyed the family website!

Name: Travis McKinnon - December 11, 2003
Location: Mobile, AL     USA
Message:   You have some beauthiful puppies and family.

Name: julie dunn - December 05, 2003
Location: aurora,      canada
Message:   cute puppies, we wish we could have one up here. not so many breeders, have any suggestions?

Name: megan - November 30, 2003
Location: darlington, md     USA
Message:   hey i think bulldogs are so cute.. my sister and i cheer for the aberdeen BULLDOGS...i think tehs dogs are so cute there colors are onge black and white

Name: Lynn Hietpas - November 19, 2003
Location: Stockbridge, WI     USA
Message:   Just waiting to find & purchase that "SPECIAL LITTLE PUG".

Name: Zoe Sheppard - November 19, 2003
Location: spring city, pa     USA
Message:   I love the pug puppies i want one so bad but my house already has 7 pets. the children are soooo cute!

Name: Candace - November 11, 2003
Location: high ridge, MO     USA
Message:   would like to boy pug for christmas for granddaughter

Name: Grace Clements - October 25, 2003
Location: Columbus, OH     USA
Message:   We are interested in a cairn terrier sometime in the future. (Our boxer is getting quite old.) It was good to see that you are Christians. we are, too, and we homeschool our children. When we are ready for a puppy, we will be contacting you. God bless!

Name: Wilfried Ptz - October 24, 2003
Location: Aachen,      Germany
Message:   Hi, I was just searching the net for my family name and I found you folks. This name is typical for the area where I live in Germany. It is in the West right on the border line to Belgium and Holland. It is a very Katholic area. God bless you Willie Ptz

Name: Donna & Heath Willoughby - October 05, 2003
Location: Watervliet, MI     USA
Message:   We are looking for a English Bulldog. We are looking forward to your October 23 batch. Donna Willoughby

Name: Hannah Riordan - October 04, 2003
Location: Santa Cruz, CA.     USA
Message:   Hi Puetz Family, Just dropped by your website after months of not having seen it and was so pleased with the new pics and the changes you made to your puppies section! It all looks *great*! :) We adopted Lylah, our pug puppy from you in February of this year and I'm just dropping you a note to say what an *amazing* dog she is. She is just shy of 10 months now and she has been nothing but fun since we got her. No health problems whatsoever, she is beautiful, easy going, healthy, playful and sweet tempered. EVERYTHING we wanted in a dog. You are an amazing family and I am so happy you take such obvious pride and great care of your dogs. We would reccomend you to anyone looking for a pug, bulldog or terrier pup in a heartbeat! God Bless, Hannah :)

Name: Faisson Domingos Abrantes and Persson Domingos Abrantes - September 01, 2003
Location: Beira, Mozambique     Africa
Message:   we wish that you are well and God is blessing you. Your brothers in Christ

Name: Jordan and Tom from Africa - August 31, 2003
Location: Beira, Mozambique Africa
Message:   Jordan sure looks good in all his pictures.

Name: Lisa Paterson - August 24, 2003
Location: Odessa, TX     USA
Message:   We wrote to you this weekend about a red and white male puppy. Please let us know when the puppies are born so we can put a deposit on one.

Name: christina - August 23, 2003
Location: waterbury, ct     USA
Message:   hi i saw your website and i feel in love with your puppies i was looking for a male puppy but i have to ask my parents if i could get one.i hope they say yes. sincely, christina

Name: Pattie Guzman - August 22, 2003
Location: Forest Hills, NY     USA
Message:   My husband is the Daniel Guzman that just emailed you. We think that your that you have a beautiful family and your puppies are absolutely adorable. Thank you and may GOD bless you and your family.

Name: Daniel Guzman - August 21, 2003
Location: Forest Hills , NY     USA
Message:   I was browsing the internet in search of Bulldog puppies for sale when I happened upon your site. You have a lovely family. I was deepely moved to see your Christian beliefs posted on the site as a beacon of truth in a world so populated by deception. My family and I consist of my wife Pattie, my 3 sons Aaron, Evan, Nathan and myself. We live in an home in Queens NY. We wholeheartedly share these listed beliefs and simply wanted to reach out and say hello from New York City. By the way, your puppies are absolutely adorable.

Name: Sara Petroskey - August 11, 2003
Location: Biddeford, ME     USA
Message:   I love the pug that we got from you guys back in April. She is absolutely adorable. I'm going to you first next time the pocket book can afford another pug. You're the best.

Name: Charles W. Kirby - August 09, 2003
Location: Grain Valley, MO     USA
Message:   Great looking Pugs

Name: Glenn, Daniele, Shannon and Erin Sproul - August 09, 2003
Location: nanuet, NY     USA
Message:   It was very nice to see your family and were that dogs are raised. It looks like a great enviroment.

Name: Cherie Puetz - July 24, 2003
Location: Saskatoon, SK     Canada
Message:   I love the pics of your pugs,they are adorable. Same name, any relation?

Name: christina&arturo - July 08, 2003
Location: hayward, ca     USA
Message:   Hello how are you My boyfriend and I are interested in purchasing a male bulldog puppies you had some pups for sale I believe on the website but I couldn't find your email address I hope were able to contact you through your sign in sheet. We think either one of the puppies look beautiful and would love more info. Are email is currently down so if you could pls call us at 510 755 0560 Art or me 510 755 4988. thank you have a nice day

Name: christine smith - July 06, 2003
Location: Ringgold, Ga     USA
Message:   Cutie pie pugs you have. I breed boston terriers and have since 1970. I have just now recently started to raise pugs. Maybe we could exchange links. Email me if you would like to do this. We are also a family type oriented business.

Name: Janine - June 26, 2003
Location: Phoenix, Az     USA
Message:   Looking for directions on how to raise chickens in the desert. I see you are part of my family! Hello!

Name: Dawny - June 22, 2003
Location: Aldergrove, B.C.     Canada
Message:   Hi I was just checking out some pug sites as we have a little girl (puppy) named Molly and she is 3 months old just looking for training tips etc. what a nice site you have. Thanks Dawny

Name: Richard & Judy Lamborn - June 21, 2003
Location: High Ridge, MO     USA
Message:   We are also a Christian Family. We enjoyed your website. We are in the process of looking for an english bulldog puppy. Do you have any available? We would like a brown and white puppy.

Name: Ran - June 01, 2003
Location: Ottawa, ON.     Canada
Message:   Pug!Pug!

Name: Ruth Mendiola - May 28, 2003
Location: Jacksonville, NC     USA
Message:   HI..I really like your website. I was looking for PUGS online, they are sooo adorable and I want one really bad. Soon as I can afford one, I'll contact you! Thanks so much...

Name: theresa - May 26, 2003
Location: holland, pa     USA
Message:   your puppy pugs look wonderful any available now?May 26,2003?

Name: robert puetz - May 26, 2003
Location: taftville, ct     USA
Message:   Hi my name is robert puetz I was wondering If we are from the famly please e-mail back

Name: Mr Joe Puetz - May 22, 2003
Message:   Dude! im a puetz too! freaky mon! [Proto]

Name: Beth Meyer - May 16, 2003
Location: Quimby, IA     USA
Message:   Hi! Love your web site. It's nice to see a nice christian family and with all boys. I have four girls of my own. We are really interested in another male bulldog and yours look so loved. Thanks Beth

Name: Debi - April 18, 2003
Location: Jupiter, FL     USA
Message:   Hello I would just like to say you have a wonderful website. It's nice to hear good christians praising the lord. I am interested in buying a English Bulldog for my daughters 15th birthday she has an incurable love for the animal. Thank you and Gob Bless. ~Debi

Name: Marie and Stephen - April 15, 2003
Location: Jonesboro, GA     USA
Message:   Do you know of any breeders in the GA area? We absolutely love pugs!!!

Name: marla - April 11, 2003
Location: lovington, nm     USA
Message:   your puppies are very cute my husband has been wanting a bulldog puppy for ever he prefers a male i have been looking all over the place and you guys have the bull dogs that i have been looking for i like the short legged ones. I just want to say you have beautiful puppies.

Name: Brittany - April 02, 2003
Location: Fredericksburg, VA     USA
Message:   HELLO,and let me start off my saying i respect you all in many ways just by seeing your family photos.I'm a 15year old female in Virginia and I I'M TRULY INLOVE WITH PUGS! to the point were i cry when i see one! there so cute and for my 16 birthday i'm asking my mother and father for a boxer or pug which ever they can buy for me! i love your web page it's GREAT! i enjoy coming here and looking at the dogs keep up your good work on breeding WOUNDER GIFTS FROM GOD! thanx for reading this and feel free to e mail me ne time

Name: Deserie Campos - March 30, 2003
Location: Suisun City, CA     USA
Message:   Praise the lord!! I was so happy to see fellow believers spreading the word. May the lord keep blessing your family and thank you for your words. God Bless all of you!! Deserie

Name: David Dillon - March 28, 2003
Location: Rapid City , SD     USA
Message:   I really like your website. It is good to see other christians proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ and are not ashamed to proclaim him. God Bless Dave (Phil 4:13)

Name: Barbara Mazur - March 25, 2003
Location: Ware, MA     USA

Hi Chris and Ralph, I was very impressed with your sight! Your dogs look like they get alot of TLC! Keep up the good work. I would feel comfortable buying a puppy from you!

Name: melanie - March 24, 2003
Location: sewaren, nj     USA
Message:   wow i love your dogs and the cattle i think where you live is great im looking foward to buying a pug THANK YOU!

Name: Arthur I. Puetz - March 23, 2003
Location: Lakewood, Ca     USA
Message:   What part of the country are you from? Parents & Grandparents? Art Puetz

Name: Dana Wilson - March 16, 2003
Location: Macomb, Mo     USA
Message:   Wow your website has changed. I love the testimony of Issac and how God has already used him to bring glory to HIS name. God bless Dana

Name: Katrina Billiter - March 14, 2003
Location: Corinth, KY     USA
Message:   I love your English Bulldogs and Pugs. My parents raise English Bulldogs and I have Boxers. I am planning on keeping the 3 females and 1 male that I have now to breed, in the Boxers, but I am trying to find a couple of female Pugs. I think they are a beautiful small breed. Katrina

Name: Christine T. Teixeira - March 13, 2003
Location: Westport, MA     USA
Message:   Great site! God Bless

Name: Isaac Fly - March 11, 2003
Location: Williamsport, PA     USA
Message:   I have been wondern how old are your english bulldog puppies and the price ofthem bbecause we already have one and two golden retrievers the bulldog is a male and the retrieves are male and female

Name: Becky Poor - February 23, 2003
Location: Greencastle, IN     USA
Message:   Hi there Puetz Family, You're all lookin' mighty good. Must be that Hoosier stock you come from!! Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless your family. Bring your snowshoes the next time you visit IN. It's getting mighty deep here!! Hope to meet up with you when you're back "home" again sometime.....Your website is a blessing......Becky

Name: Steve Johnson - February 23, 2003
Location: Lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   Ralph/ Chris, Greetings from the snowy north! We are enjoying your site today with Mark and Debbie Apple. Glad all is well with your family. We are blessed with your new addition too. Congratulations on a safe and "Natural" delivery, Chris! Take care and God Bless you all! love, Steve Susan Jacob and Laura Johnson

Name: Bill Francis - February 22, 2003
Location: Newport, Tn     USA
Message:   I have enjoyed looking at your web site, my daughter is wanting an English Bulldog do bad she can't stand it. I am saving some money to try to get her one. Your site has impressed me because you are a Christian family. I am also a born again believer and I believe that I can always do better in any dealings with other Christians. Do you have any pups now? I think the black and white one called 'Wrinkles' is the prettiest one I have seen! Please e-mail me when you have time. You have a wonderful looking family, I can see the Love. Thats the most important thing that we can give our children. And that gives me a peace about buying a pup from you all. It is the first site that I have felt this way about. God Bless You All, Bill Francis Newport, Tn

Name: Rose Booher - February 22, 2003
Location: Fort Pierce, FL     USA
Message:   Thanks for such an enjoyable site. It is nice to know there are other Christians out there. God bless you. You have a very nice looking family.

Name: Katherine Lori Spencer - February 20, 2003
Location: Ellijay, GA     USA
Message:   I just do not want to leave your site. It is so filled woth Gods presence and his love.Something that I have not felt in awhile.People are so cold anymore and so judgemental. I must say I adore your dogs and hope to have one join my family one day soon. Sincerely, Lori

Name: Hannah Riordan - February 06, 2003
Location: Santa Cruz, CA.     USA
Message:   Thank you so much Puetz family for your help and support when buying our Pug. Chris, you especially have bent over backwards to make sure we found the perfect new member to our family. I would buy from you again in a heartbeat! God Bless. PS: Lylah will have two very anxious new family members meeting her at the airport on Tuesday. :)

Name: Laurie McLean - February 04, 2003
Location: Mtn. Grove, MO     USA
Message:   Thanks for your beautiful newsletter and sure enjoyed visiting your website as well. What a blessing! Love in Christ, Laurie

Name: ashlee - February 02, 2003
Message:   Your pugs are so cute!i love the dog slide show!

Name: Andrea (Puetz)Baker - January 24, 2003
Location: Middle Lake, Sk.     Canada
Message:   My sister-in-law came upon this website and passed it on to me. You don't see many people with this last name that you're not related to. Maybe we're distant relatives. Who knows?!!

Name: steven tebbs - January 20, 2003
Location: cedar hills, ut     USA
Message:   how old are the pups and were do you live?

Name: Mary Ann Antillon - January 08, 2003
Location: safford, AZ     USA
Message:   I love your website! It totaly interests me in buying a bulldog from you! Your family seems to really know how to care for your animals espeacially being that your family is walking with the lord. God bless you for putting the scriptures and prayer along with your website. I pray that it will touch numerous lives.

Name: Pam Farrington - January 05, 2003
Location: Bushton, KS     USA
Message:   I am always do blessed when I find people on the "net" who have the same beliefs that I do. My husband loves bullies so I'm surfing to find out all I can about them. God bless you and your family.

Name: Jessica - December 30, 2002
Location: Eastsound, Wa     USA
Message:   I love your site. I am a christian are you? Well God bless you, your friends, your family, and your pets. Sincerely, Jessica

Name: Ashley - December 27, 2002
Location: West Grove, PA     USA
Message:   Hi! I had been looking all over for pug puppies, I came across your site many times, and its wonderful! I would have loved to have gotten my pup from you, you seam to really love and take care of your pups to the fulliest of your abilaty. However my parents set a price limit on my puppy and with the shipping your would have gone over it, anyway keep up all of the good work and hopefully some day I will be buying one of your pugs! God Bless! When are you expecting your next litter, I have friends who are looking for a pug. -Ashley

Name: Michael Mikulasovich - December 10, 2002
Location: Glen Oaks, NY     USA
Message:   Coming across your website was a sign! My fiance and I are specifically looking for a bullie and pug to start a "family". Showing us a glimpse of your own family tells us they'll be coming from an excellent home.

Name: Kay Gonzales - December 09, 2002
Location: Olathe, KS     USA
Message:   I was looking for English Bulldogs and am very impressed with your website. You have a very lovely family. Your bull-dogs are so cute too!

Name: Jessi Walker - November 20, 2002
Message:   Beautiful Family & Dogs!!

Name: Kristina McGuire - November 16, 2002
Location: Tempe, Az     USA
Message:   Hey Peutz's, I just want to say you all have done a really great jog with this website! I am only 14 but I was looking to buying an english bulldog and your website came up. I looked through it all and it is very cute.You have alot of wounderful looking family members. I reall admire where you live because i have always wanted to live on a farm like yours. Well i have to go but i love your site! Sincerely, (: Kristina McGuire :) P.S. Tell everyone i said "hi!"

Name: Nicole Bruce - November 11, 2002
Location: brooklyn, ny     USA
Message:   what a wonderful and enlightening website and I hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Ron Anthony - November 08, 2002
Location: Brooklyn, NY     USA
Message:   So let me share with you just how good God is. I was surfing the web looking for a breeder of English Bull dogs from whom I would consider purchasing a pup, and not only did I find that, I found a family of believers in Christ that reminds so much of my own family that I am excited about having had the pleaseur of visiting your site. God Bless You and your beautiful family. I hope we'll be in touch for business as well as fellowship for I am a saved child of Jesus Christ the Lord as well. What a wonderful site. You made my day saint. God Bless. Ron Anthony...

Name: WOLE OGUNDALU - November 07, 2002
Location: SOMOLU,, LAGOS,     NIGERIA.

Name: Danny Baudoin - October 22, 2002
Location: Monument , CO     USA
Message:   Very impressive web page...

Name: Joni Palomares - October 16, 2002
Location: Oxnard, Ca     USA
Message:   I have viewed so many sites on the internet. Yours was the only one I felt immediatly, a sense of honesty and trust. God bless you and your family.

Name: Lucio Antonio Ptz - October 10, 2002
Location: Cordoba, Cdba     Argentina
Message:   Muchas gracias por su respuesta. He recibido vuestra respuesta donde dice Cristhine que aprendi espaol en la escuela. Me gustara que me digas si necesitan algn material de mi pas o de la ciudad para vuestra instruccin. En una proxima les enviar fotos de mi familia. Agradecido Lucio

Name: NATASHA - September 26, 2002
Location: RICHMOND, TX     USA

Name: Lucio Antonio Ptz - September 24, 2002
Location: Cordoba, Cordoba     Argentina
Message:   Felicitaciones por su hermosa familia y su campo con todos esos bellos animales. Vivo en la ciudad de cordoba y me gustara tener contacto con familias de mi mismo apellido "Ptz" Danke,muchas gracias

Name: Lori Fitzsimmons - September 24, 2002
Location: Delta Junction, Ak     USA
Message:   Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy your site, and you have such cute puppies. Lori

Name: Brenda - September 08, 2002
Location: Highland Springs, VA     USA
Message:   Hi, I love your website! I also am a firm believer in what you believe in !!! Your are blessed with beautiful children! I also have 3 small girls under the age of 5 yrs, and a 13 mos son..which his name is Andrew! I love your pug puppies! Please let me know when you have a next litter--I prefer girls! :)

Name: Sue Boudreaux - September 01, 2002
Location: Delcambre, LA     USA
Message:   I love the brinkle and white english bulldog that is shown on you puppies for sale. Could you please let me know if this puppy is still for sale? Also how old is the puppy? The puppy seems to be mostly white with the brinkle around the eyes. Thanks

Name: Tia Hickman - August 30, 2002
Location: Cheboygan, mi     USA
Message:   Your slide shows were great!! Love the bulldogs too!! God Bless!

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Don Southerly - August 19, 2002
Location: Old Fields, WV     USA
Message:   Dear Puetz Family: Thank you for standing firm in your christian beliefs and not to be ashame of our Lord and Savior. We also have and pug and in the near future are looking to add another to are family. Our little girl name is Empress Kai Chang, she is 3 years old. We will keep you in mind when we decide to add to our family. May God bless and keep you.

Name: Brandon - August 11, 2002
Location: Hannibal, MO     USA
Message:   I love your page! I think the pugs are so cute! my brother has been wanting one and we are trying to find one that we can afford! I have an American Eskimo Dog (known as an Eskie!)and she needs a playmate! We will be going to school the 26th of August and I do not want her by herself! If you would like to talk to me feel free to e-mail me and I will bookmark your site!

Name: art & denise Fakis - August 06, 2002
Location: goodville, pa     USA
Message:   yes we loved your site and thought everything looked great plus i think King James is the only real version of the Bible.. anyways we love pugs and english bulldogs and want to get a bulldog. i love that they are raised with the family and just not in a box... thanks agian and when we can we will be in touch with you ... take care art & denise

Name: Diane Doran - August 03, 2002
Location: Godfrey, IL     USA
Message:   Thank you for sharing your pictures lovely web site and wonderful family you are blessed

Name: Bill and Patty Moss - August 02, 2002
Location: Conroe, TX     USA
Message:   Sure have some cute boys and also pug puppies. We also have one son and one male pug. Our dog is now 8 years old. We just love him!

Name: Dawn Patterson - July 30, 2002
Location: Weatherford , TX     USA
Message:   Was looking for pugs, have 1 already and she is like our little girl. Her name is Tutu and she is 2yrs. Enjoyed your site.

Name: Sandy Tabert - April 24, 2002
Location: Oxford, IN     USA
Message:   Hello Everyone, You have a beautiful family. I would just like to squeeze all of you. You have a really neat web page.

Name: Marci Burton - April 20, 2002
Location: Goodland, IN     USA
Message:   Hi! Chris Barce gave me your web page address. This is really nice. I have been wondering about all of you. Keep in touch.

Name: Linda Akers - April 05, 2002
Message:   Love you all. Each of you are so beautiful.

Name: Buddy Pardue - April 04, 2002
Location: Atlanta, Ga     USA
Message:   Hope this e-mail finds you and your family happy and healthy.... God Bless

Name: Don & Shirley Johnson - April 02, 2002
Location: Oxford, in     USA
Message:   What a neat family and slide show. The pictures are really clear and it was so nice to see ya'll again! Stop in and see us when you are in Indiana. We owe you a meal.

Name: Steve Johnson & Family - April 02, 2002
Location: Lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   Congratulations guys!!! What a beautiful baby. So glad to hear all went well (If you call pushing for 4 hours well!)Ha ! Anyway, we appreciate the updates and will try to correspond more faithfully. All is well with us. Sheri may fill you in from time to time. Will talk later. in Christ's Love, Steve, Susan, Jacob and Laura

Name: JoAnn Brouillette - April 02, 2002
Location: Fowler, IN     USA
Message:   Thanks for sharing your incredible journey of life with all of us!! You are inspiring in so many ways!

Name: Carolyn, Laura, Ben and Rebecca Starkey - April 02, 2002
Location: West Lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   Hey, teach me how to do the fade ins and scroll outs on your slide shows! Great web page - fun to watch. The boys sure have the Puetz look and appear to love living on the farm!

Name: Bill & Marilyn Emmert - January 01, 2002
Location: Albion, IN     USA
Message:   Great to see the family and the home place. Bill enjoyed looking at the cows. Have a great new year.

Name: Tim Wilken - July 20, 2001
Location: W.Lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   What a wonderful testimony. Praise God and give him the glory.

Name: Chalisa Sedekum - July 16, 2001
Location: Pine Village, In     GOD'S :)
Message:   Hi. We have enjoyed SO MUCH your family web page!! Hope to see you guys real soon!! I pray God's many blessings on you and yours!!

Name: ODIE - May 29, 2001
Location: west lafayette, in     USA
Message:   Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.

Name: sam donaldson - April 09, 2001
Message:   web site looks good. hope everything , everybody is well. cows look great. have a great day.

Name: steven - April 08, 2001
Location: attica, IN     USA
Message:   I'll try to come see you. Maybe this summer I can come visit you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox sure love ya Steven

Name: Alice Thurston - April 03, 2001
Location: Fowler , In     USA
Message:   Hi! Pictures are beautiful! "Grand-dad" would have been impressed.

Name: John Skinner - March 30, 2001
Location: Raleigh, NC     USA
Message:   Praise God for your testimony!

Name: Linda and Lon Akers - March 30, 2001
Location: Pine Village, in     USA
Message:   You are a beautiful family. Hugs and kisses.

Name: Ann Skinner - March 29, 2001
Location: Roanoke, VA     USA
Message:   Hey you all, (that's southern for HI)Gwyn sent me your web site. HOW NICE!!!! That family looks wonderful! Bet you are all busy and happy with all those animals around you! Way to GO! Bob was really impressed too!! Best wishes and love, Ann

Name: Gayle Guthridge - March 29, 2001
Location: Fowler, IN     USA
Message:   Looks nice!

Name: Steve Johnson - March 29, 2001
Location: lafayette, IN     USA
Message:   Hey ya'll. Nice website( what's a website?). We duzzent believe in that there techno-logical stuff like that there, eh! Seriously though, we are impressed. And we're pretty hard to impress (except in the case of my brother-in-law Dennis. We had to make a concession for him since he married Sheri!) Speaking of the Massie's...they are here as I write this note and they miss you and want me to say "Hi". Sheri says "See you next week." (Actually she says a lot more than that but my fingers would fall off if I typed it all.) God bless you all! sincerely yours, Steve

Name: Jerry and Gwyneth Pyle - March 29, 2001
Location: Fowler, IN     USA
Message:   Ralph and Chris, we love your new web page and loved seeing pictures of your family. We miss you but glad you are happy there. Gwyn

Name: Tim and Deb Miller - March 29, 2001
Location: Elkland, MO     USA
Message:   Hi Ralph and Chris, Love your website!! Hope to see you soon. Love, Tim and Deb

Name: Lila G. Wood -
Message:   Hi: I,m at the Fowler office. Enjoyed your web page so much. Just like being there. Love Lil

Name: John & Carolyn Starkey -
Message:   We sure miss you guys, but can see the joy on your faces. Or is that just happiness that the farm chores are done for the day ;) God bless one and all.

Name: Phil and Carol Atkinson -
Message:   Hi Guys! It's good to see your smiling faces, even if it's not in person! Later, Phil and Carol

Name: Leslie,Phyllis,Ralph Sr, Jerry -
Message:   We loved the slide show, everyone looks great. Cows really look healthy.

Name: Susan & Bill -
Message:   This is great! I can't believe Andrew is smiling!! Love you all, Susan & Bill Puetz

Name: Louise Gudas -
Message:   Great looking family!!! It looks as if everyone is staying busy! God bless all of you.

Name: Phyllis -
Message:   Pictures are enjoyable to see.

Name: leslie -
Message:   great pictures!!

Name: Josh and Jess -
Message:   Great looking family (except for the haggard looking older fella).

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